The joy of ice cream &
the goodness of yoghurt

Our story

On a holiday. Experiencing life with a different flavour. Getting into a positive vibe: adventure, freedom, joy. Opening up to new people, experiences and flavours…

Returning home. Shaking the sand out of our lives and getting on autopilot: routines, obligations, usual flavours.

Every now and then having a holiday flashback, looking at photos and remembering how good it was. Enjoying that delicious frozen yoghurt.

We believe in the joy of ice cream & the goodness of yoghurt.

We’re dedicated to make it available at your supermarket, restaurant or fast delivery.

We challenge you to create memories and flavour them with West Coast Frozen Yoghurt.

Join us on the sunny side of life


The joy of ice cream & the goodness of yoghurt is the way we go. West Coast Frozen Yoghurt doesn’t only taste good. It also contains less calories and fats than most ice creams. Let’s not forget its active probiotic cultures – which come out of the rich goodness of yoghurt and makes it an ideal treat.

We want to make you remember the summer holidays when you enjoyed a frozen yoghurt with friends and family. To fill this craving back home, let our organic froyo bring you the West Coast vibe of joy and pleasure.

At West Coast Frozen Yoghurt, we commit to unite people for one good reason: Just live memorable moments and look at the sunny side of life.


Conquering hearts with our premium frozen yoghurt and making it Europe’s #1 frozen yoghurt is the mission we live by. Creamy, a bit exotic, and always full of flavour.

We make sure we use the best ingredients – free of colourings, artificial flavours, refined sugars and palm oil.

We challenge you to join this adventure with us. You deserve to experience this fresh creaminess & unforgettable goodness with the finest ingredients every time you crave it – right at your local retailer or restaurant, not just during the summer holidays.


Our journey started with the vibes of California’s West Coast, with breath-taking views of beaches and the ocean, along the coastal highway on the way to adventure or hanging out with friends.

Back in the days, it was one of the places where frozen yoghurt became popular. Later frozen yoghurt shops spread throughout the world and became very popular at holiday destinations.

And this became our inspiration to make it available to people once back home by serving our passion, premium ingredients and yummy flavours in a cup. Just to let them relive their best holiday memories in the comfort of their home or favourite restaurants.

We destine to service our organic West Coast Frozen Yoghurt to as many fans as possible and make it Europe’s #1 frozen yoghurt.

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Frozen yoghurt or in short, FROYO emerged as a healthy dessert way back in the 70s in the United States.

Due to its popularity in so little time, later in the 80s and 90s, people started consuming it as an alternative to ice cream.

Our froyo is made using fresh milk and contains fewer calories and fats than most ice creams. The live and active probiotic cultures contribute to your health. Ideal for those looking for a better option to enjoy life to the maximum.

In short: a yummy and a conscious option for your tummy 😉

West Coast Frozen Yoghurt is a health-conscious option:


Retail & quick commerce

We are very excited to partner with retailers who want to stock our Frozen Yoghurt as a subcategory in the Ice Cream Category.

For those consumers with an immediate craving for the tastiest frozen yoghurt, we love to partner with quick commerce players.

So, are you ready to join this healthy venture and list West Coast Frozen Yoghurt? Just contact us.


We love introducing this frozen trend to the hospitality industry by partnering with hospitality suppliers.

Easy to serve and no kitchen staff is needed if you want to serve it at your venue – saving you some bucks. Packed in 125 ml papers cups with a wooden spoon in the lid also makes it the ideal Froyo To Go.

You have a great opportunity ahead if you join hands with us and stock West Coast Frozen Yoghurt to provide your guests with such unforgettable, joyous experiences.

So, are you ready to join this healthy venture and stock West Coast Frozen Yoghurt? Just contact us.

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      To become Europe’s #1 frozen yoghurt

      Brand values

      Adventurous, enjoying life, social, extravert, inspiring, optimistic


      I love frozen yoghurt. I remember enjoying one in a frozen yoghurt shop when I was on my holiday.
      What if I could get frozen yoghurt at my local retailer or restaurant so that I can enjoy it at any time?

      Brand manifesto

      We believe in the power of frozen yoghurt.
      The joy of ice cream & the goodness of yoghurt.
      We want to make the tastiest frozen yoghurt in the world with the best ingredients.
      Simply available at your supermarket, restaurant or fast delivery, so that you can enjoy it at any time.
      We challenge you:
      join our adventure
      live memorable moments
      look at the sunny side of life

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